[FIRST POST] Wow… I feel so “part of the crowd” now!

EDITOR’S NOTE: This was my first blog post back in 2003. Back then, LiveJournal limited users based on an invite code system which ended in mid-December 2003 opening the blog platform up to open registration.

Okay… I’ve succumbed to the waves of peer pressure and finally set up a LiveJournal account. Thanks Amy for supplying the code and thanks Shannon for telling me where most of the stuff was in the set up. I will be taking spare time at work (computer sales are SLOW) to work on polishing the set up of this thing.

Suggestions here would be a plus.

I did, in true online geek fashion, list my interests on my page. I have one for each letter of the alphabet. Shannon has already told me that I’m going to internet-hell for doing something so blatantly dorky, such is life.