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Bad hair day + Microphone = ??? 0

Bad hair day + Microphone = ???

A friend of mine in California’s friend was the former roommate of a former Wasabi Anime advisor. As a result, said friend saw a photo and recognized me.  Oh my God, my hair.

Joey & Tom’s Excellent #Botcon Adventure – this weekend! 0

Joey & Tom’s Excellent #Botcon Adventure – this weekend!

Let’s see… three weekends ago I was in Cancun.  The weekend after that: Orlando for The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.  Last weekend?  Miami for Florida Supercon.  And now: I’m back in Orlando for Botcon. So myself, Joey Snackpants and special guest star and fellow Transformers geek Tentacle Chris will be...


The view from the concert (Stan Bush)

(IMAGE MISSING… it was on my old Blogspot, which is gone.) This is awesome. NOTE: This email has been sent using a mobile device. Please excuse any misspellings or typos that may be contained within.

What was your favorite Florida anime convention? 0

What was your favorite Florida anime convention?

We just posted the new poll on WasabiAnime.com asking that very question. What WAS your favorite 2003 Florida anime convention? Pimping my club’s shit as I do, I ask you take a couple of seconds to stop by and vote. If you are REALLY bored (or just want your opinion heard...



Here are a bunch of events at AFO4 featuring Wasabi folks and folks we all know… ALL WEEKEND LONG Wasabi Anime’s Convention Scavenger Hunt: AFO4 We’ve done it for JACON, MetroCon, YasumiCon… and now Anime Festival Orlando. Stop by the Wasabi Anime Info Table at the convention (starting Friday evening)...