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Live from Orlando, it’s #Otronicon!

What do you do when you have “down time” at your booth during a convention?  Why, blog of course!  I was supposed to have a “plus one” helping me out, but car trouble on her part has left me solo. So here I am.  Chillin’ at the Orlando Science Center....

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Hitting the Reset Button

I am writing this from the future. No, really.  I am. You see – this post is dated January 12th – but I’m really writing it on January 16th and backdating it.  It’ll post today (the 16th) and you’re reading it today, but it is (from a narrative point a...

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YOU CAN FIND THE UPDATED 2016 LIST ON THIS POST: http://www.tomcroom.com/archives/11150 (I won’t be updating this specific post anymore.  Thanks!) The tradition continues!  Since the late 2000s, I have been posting a list of all the “geek” style events in my home state of Florida.  Why, you ask?  There are a...


WARNING! I will be off the grid this weekend.

So after months of work we did it… Florida Anime Experience was a bona fide success both critically and commercially.  A lot of crazy zany things happened last weekend (check out the video posted in this group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/floridaanimeexperience) but it was all totally worth it. This week has been spent...

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Obligatory New Year’s Post! 2013 was amazing & horrible.

I’m pretty proud of the fact that I live my life like an adventure.  Each step I’ve taken on this meandering quest to not be normal has led me through a series of ups and down.  2013 really tops the charts for activity, though.  This past year I drove a...

Memories of @FloridaAnime Experience 2012 (via Terri Hawkes.) 0

Memories of @FloridaAnime Experience 2012 (via Terri Hawkes.)

I got an email yesterday from the AMAZING Ms. Terri Hawkes (the English voice of Sailor Moon) forwarding on this photo of she, Darrel Guilbeau, Dan Woren, “Trace-Wrangler,” and I at Emeril’s at CityWalk in Orlando, Florida after Florida Anime Experience 2012. Good stuff.  🙂

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The Year in Review or “WTF HAPPENED IN 2012?”

This is that time of year when folks begin posting about how this year they’re planning on changing a zillion things and making thinks different somehow.  For me, though, I’m not looking forward to changing… I’m looking forward to continuing. 2012 was a hard year, but that’s not a bad thing....

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Each year (well… almost – I think I skipped last year) I take the time to look at how many geek conventions currently exist “on the scene” in the land of Florida.  This was originally a list of only anime cons but with so many cons “featuring anime, too!” the...

PUBLIC NOTICE: I’ll be off “the grid” until Monday night. 0

PUBLIC NOTICE: I’ll be off “the grid” until Monday night.

This weekend was great.  I managed to catch up on a LOT of missed sleep.  The batteries are recharged, and tomorrow is my first day 100% mentally back in the post-Japan real world. Monday day will be spent doing the day job.  Monday night I’ve got the following things of...

Japan Day 3: Akihabara aka “Geek Heaven in Japan” 3

Japan Day 3: Akihabara aka “Geek Heaven in Japan”

Our adventure in Akihabara continued after the Maid Cafe as we further explored the area.  While perusing the shops full of anime, manga, electronics, and toys we came upon a prime example of the Japanese fascination with certain elements of American culture.  In this case, Kentucy Fried Chicken.  Have you...

Countdown to Tokyo, Japan: 30 Days 0

Countdown to Tokyo, Japan: 30 Days

Did you know that I have a blog?  True story.  I started blogging in 2003 with no particular purpose in mind.  I just liked the idea of writing for the sake of writing.  Ars gratia artis and all the jazz.  I figured the only folks who were reading were a...