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Last night, we partied like it was the end of time. #HitchhikersGuideToTheGalaxy

Last night, I spent the evening living life like a geek stereotype: I hosted a birthday party based on a science fiction book first published in 1979.  That’s right, kids – I celebrated my 42nd birthday at a party themed after the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.  Here’s some of the elements...


Life, the Universe, and I’m 42 Years Old Today

“All right,” said Deep Thought. “The Answer to the Great Question…” “Yes..!” “Of Life, the Universe and Everything…” said Deep Thought. “Yes…!” “Is…” said Deep Thought, and paused. “Yes…!” “Is…” “Yes…!!!…?” “Forty-two,” said Deep Thought, with infinite majesty and calm. This week, twenty one years ago, I moved to Orlando,...


Tom’s BIRTHDAY PARTY at the End of the Universe

If you plan to go, you MUST SHOULD RSVP via Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/921773981247248/ (If you can’t see the link, message me and I’ll send you a direct invite.) Revised from “must” to “should” since I was reminded that not everyone uses the Bookface all the time.  🙂 DATE: Saturday, December 5th TIME:...


Dyslexic Fourteen (Happy Birthday to Me)

So yesterday was the anniversary of my birth and I TRIED to do nothing.  I’m just not very good at that: doing nothing.  Since I’m always doing SOMETHING, I thought, “Hey!  Plan to do NOTHING on your birthday.  It could be fun!” I was wrong.  It isn’t fun and (seemingly)...


Free stuff on my birthday – where should I go?

Early next week I will be, yet again, celebrating the anniversary of my birth.  Starbucks decided to remind me yesterday with a reminder on my iPhone app: That’s right: FREE COFFEE, BITCHES!  This got me thinking – where else can I score free stuff by merely getting older? The other...


Today would have been my dad’s 64th Birthday.

As a few of you picked up on, today was a rough day thanks to the miracle of Google Now.  You see, I’ve worked so hard to keep all the information in and around my life organized that sometimes I forget some of that info… hence why I use reminders...


Birthday Blogging on my 40th: The Life & Times of Tom Croom.

Sometimes you just can’t make this shit up, folks.  Seriously. I’m not sure that life could have lined up a better reminder of my mortality than it has over the past ten days. FIRST, my father passed away at the ripe old age of sixty three years old – less than...



I’m sitting at a desk in a Marriott hotel room overlooking Tampa Bay.  (Tampa, for those of you that don’t know, is the “New Jersey” of Florida. FYI.) Anyway, I’m sitting here getting some work done (before leaving to spend the day in a theme park) and I’m getting the...

Tom Croom – THE PUPPET. (Captions welcome.) 0

Tom Croom – THE PUPPET. (Captions welcome.)

At “The Roast of Tom Croom” birthday party last Saturday, I was given a puppet of myself as a gift from my mother-in-law.  Here’s a photo of me with it taken by my friend Allen.  Feel free to post captions.  

Today is my birthday. I am older. I am wiser. I AM GOING TO GATORLAND THIS WEEKEND. 0

Today is my birthday. I am older. I am wiser. I AM GOING TO GATORLAND THIS WEEKEND.

So last year my friends and I decided that the best way to celebrate my impending senility was to visit places in Florida that I just never quite got around to.  We kicked off this insane idea in 2010 by visiting Dinosaur World west of Orlando. Here’s all the awesome...

BirthdayCon 2010 at Dinosaur World in Plant City, Florida – and a new tradition! 3

BirthdayCon 2010 at Dinosaur World in Plant City, Florida – and a new tradition!

Let’s just cut to the tradition part, shall we?  From now on, my birthday will be celebrated by visiting some random tourist attraction in Florida.  Places already in discussion for 2011’s festivities: Gatorland Kennedy Space Center Marineland Weeki Wachee Feel free to reply with other suggestions! This year was a...

I’m growing older but not up. 1

I’m growing older but not up.

I’m growing older but not up My metabolic rate is pleasantly stuck Let those winds of time blow over my head I’d rather die while I’m living than live while I’m dead -Jimmy Buffett Today is my birthday. I am not celebrating it today, though. I WILL be celebrating it...