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#AstridTheDog’s First Day at a Dog Park

(The events of this blog post took place March 20, 2017.) On a Monday a few weeks back, I took Astrid to a vet appointment to get an “all clear” on the puppy cold she had been battling, and finally get her last round of shots.  All went well, so I...


Four Weeks Later: #AstridTheDog Keeps Growing

When we got Astrid a few weeks back, she weighed in at 3.2 pounds.  Her most recent vet visit put her at 4.4 pounds.  Today, in the most unscientific measurement event – I put her on our scale at home.  Her size? 5.6 pounds. Based on the photos I post,...


Two Weeks Later: #AstridTheDog aka “Princess Floofball”

She’s passed out right now in a small dog bed to the right of my desk. She wouldn’t lay down in it, however, until I put my grey Mickey Mouse sweatshirt in it so it smelled like me.  Astrid (our eleven week old Shih Tzu) weighs a massive four pounds...