Monthly Archive: May 2014


WARNING! I will be off the grid this weekend.

So after months of work we did it… Florida Anime Experience was a bona fide success both critically and commercially.  A lot of crazy zany things happened last weekend (check out the video posted in this group: but it was all totally worth it. This week has been spent...


In case you didn’t know, I collect Optimus Prime figures.

A friend of mine on Facebook recently took a photo and posted it with the title “geek decorating is therapy.”  It featured a lot of his toys (something many of us adults still collect/play with) and I realized that I have never really posted the collection in my home office.  You...


You know what? EVERYONE needs help sometimes… even me.

Hello Internet.  How are you?  How have you been?  Good to hear. Me? Well, I’m okay.  I’m better.  I’m getting better. My life has been in turmoil since last November.  Things got better around February.  The past two months, though, have been non-stop trying to make up for lost time from...