Monthly Archive: August 2013


RETURN to @DragonCon! (and kicking off #DragonCon 2013)

I’ve been on the Internet a long time.  As a result of my text driven computer programming days, I still see certain characters as silly things in that part of my brain the stays perpetually twelve years old.  For example, an asterisk looks like an asshole.  Check it out: See...


Today’s NERD RAGE. No, not #Batfleck. Trying to buy comics from @MyComicShop aka @LoneStarComics

I’ve been busy lately.  FREAKISHLY busy with conventions and other “hobby gone horribly wrong” type things.  One of my recent projects with Green Mustard was a convention called Florida Comics Experience.  The event was a hit thanks to the local fan support of Melbourne, Florida and an amazing comic book...