Monthly Archive: August 2003

Even car wrecks can be funny… 8

Even car wrecks can be funny…

My sister called with urgent news… my mother got into a car wreck today. She was driving her new (only about a year or so old) Dodge Caravan down Cove Road in Pt. Salerno (south of Stuart) when a seventy-something year old women tried to “jump into traffic” by flooring...



Seems the ol’ boy hath finally secured employment. This deserves a dancing robot. (now all the more reason to party this weekend.) Congrats, sir. 🙂

NJ/NY Trip Report (Part 1: The Family) 1

NJ/NY Trip Report (Part 1: The Family)

As stated earlier, my grandfather (whom we all call “Tata”; the word “tata” means “father” in Polish) went into the hospital for heart issues and was told by specialists that they needed to operate again. He’s had a couple of surgeries, including a bypass about 25 years ago. Sick of...

NYC Fun Stuff and stuff (I’m tired.) 5

NYC Fun Stuff and stuff (I’m tired.)

So where to begin? My sister, my nephew, and I spent twelve hours in the city. New York City. My GOD… the things that can happen in such a short time span in that area. To describe everything would leave me with one of those endless posts that you want...

Grandfather Update 3

Grandfather Update

I’m in Jersey… grandfather is doing well… tomorrow my sister, nephew, and I are going into NYC to blow of some steam and take some photos. How am I posting this? My cousin Jim got a new laptop, and needed help setting it up to run Star Wars Galaxies. (He...

Time flies (my grandfather.) 17

Time flies (my grandfather.)

And as old as I can feel from time to time, that means people around me are getting even older. My grandfather is dying. Twenty five years ago he had a triple by-pass and was given another ten years to live. He’s a stubborn old Polish man, so he milked...

Don’t we all feel like this sometimes… 2

Don’t we all feel like this sometimes…

even just a little? 😉 [NOTE: Missing picture. I’m sure it was hilarious. Or something.]

10 Things About Me 7

10 Things About Me

After hanging out with some friends this weekend (wasabigirl, njoryo, ladysreponia, Annie (no LJ?), and snackpants), hearing from old friends (“Gay” Bob in Colorado), and getting word of my grandfather’s failing health (looks like I’m taking a trip to New York soon,) I started thinking that I have so many...

Love Hina. Episode 16. 4

Love Hina. Episode 16.

In our further attempts to watch more anime tonight, we got to episode 16 of Love Hina. Naru dressed as Slave Princess Leia from Return of the Jedi. WRONG. VERY WRONG. That’s all for now.

My two thoughts for the evening… 9

My two thoughts for the evening…

1. It’s amazing that people can say strangest things online, try and perpetuate rumors only to have it all diffused with one simple phone call.  Thanks John for the 20 minutes it took us to clear things up.  Now we can teach more anime fans how to use a phone…...

What was your favorite Florida anime convention? 0

What was your favorite Florida anime convention?

We just posted the new poll on asking that very question. What WAS your favorite 2003 Florida anime convention? Pimping my club’s shit as I do, I ask you take a couple of seconds to stop by and vote. If you are REALLY bored (or just want your opinion heard...

Why….? 6


Are people so shallow and closed minded? More people need to play chess and not checkers. That way they’d learn to think more than one move ahead. Oh well… so it goes.

Bling! Bling! 8

Bling! Bling!

Thanks 00101101 for helping me with my gangsta style. [NOTE: Yet another photo of my lost in the void of the World Wide Web.] werd.

Hooters, Boob Raider, and Para Para… all in Otown! 14

Hooters, Boob Raider, and Para Para… all in Otown!

So LadySreponia calls my girlfriend’s (WasabiGirl) cell last night a bit miffed. She had driven to Orlando to have lunch with Snackpants, and then to hang out with some guy. For the sake of this story… we shall call him “Mr. Brandon.” Well, Mr. Brandon stood her up. Fucktard. Hence...