Adventures in Japan 2013 Part 14: End of #Evangelion World & into the park…

Picking up from last month.

So after walking around awestruck in Evangelion World for about hour, we started winding things up.  There are only so many life size mech heads that one can take in over such a short period of time, you know?

One of the final parts of the attraction that you pass through on the way out was a cool museum-esque area with some amazing artwork on the walls.

2013 Trip to Japan

Unfortunately, the photos you could take in this room were limited because the display cases contained original artwork from the films themselves.  A lot of it was stunning to see and we spent a few moments looking around (and not reading the signs or captions because, you know, we don’t read Japanese.)  It was time well spent and then (AND THEN!) the attraction became very “American theme park.”

That’s right: the last room was the gift shop.

A consistent thing to note at this point is that EVERY Japanese gift shop sells cookies and snacks.  They are usually in custom tins that match the theming of where you are and (often) they have cookies that match up.  The Evangelion store had little cookies shaped like the NERV logo among other things.

Lots and lots and lots of cookies.

We opted to check out the usual stuff, though, instead.  I’m a big fan of t-shirts so OF COURSE none of them fit me because I was in Japan.  We grabbed a few things (books, towels, etc.) after circling the store about ten times, but it wasn’t until after we paid that I noticed the really, REALLY, cool thing you could buy: an I.D. card.  Here’s Shannon outside of the attraction holding hers up:

2013 Trip to Japan


Basically, they take your photo and print a NERV I.D. card (a solid nice plastic one) and put it in a custom lanyard.  I remember it being inexpensive, too.  Less than 1000 yen (~$10.)  Shannon took hers after me and noticed that they had props near the photo area.  Thus, if you look really closely in that photo, you’ll notice that she’s wearing a NERV trucker’s hat.  Here, I zoomed in on it:

2013 Trip to Japan

My wife: the Japanese anime hipster girl in a theme park.  Yup.  I married a good one.  🙂

Now, it should be noted that Shannon is NOT a fan of Evangelion, so finally getting out of that attraction made her very happy.  So much so, that she high fived this creepy statue nearby.

2013 Trip to Japan

And we continued our adventure around Fuji-Q Highland theme park.  More soon.


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