Adventures in Japan 2013 Part 12: More adventures at #EVANGELION WORLD

As we walked down the hallways of NERV Headquarters inside Evangelion World at the Fuji-Q Highland theme park in Japan, we saw a series of doors with peepholes installed in them.  We noticed other folks looking in, so we did the same.  The peepholes were clever views into rooms where NERV staff (Misato, Kaji, etc.) were “working” on various things.  One door, though, seemed somewhat odd for the fact that the peephole what LOWER than normal.  I bent over, curious, and looked into it:

2013 Trip to Japan

What I saw inside was EXACTLY what you expected in an Evangelion theme park attraction.

2013 Trip to Japan

Yup. It was there so you could look up Misato’s skirt.

Welcome to Japan.

Keeping “in theme” with the exciting entertainment this attraction was providing, we came across a changing room where Rei was getting into her pilot suit.  Shannon sat there and waited for her.

2013 Trip to Japan

Did I mention we were in Japan?

After navigating through Evangelion World, we came to the FINALE of the attraction…

2013 Trip to Japan

But more on that tomorrow…

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    […] When we left off last Saturday, Shannon and I were walking around Evangelion World at Fuji-Q Highlands theme park near Mt. Fuji in Japan. […]

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