Adventures in Japan 2013 Part 10: More #EVANGELION WORLD

So there I was, walking around EVANGELION WORLD in the Fuji-Q Highland theme park in Japan.  As a bona fide anime nerd, I was obligated to take as many geeky photos as I could… like this one of me ripping open an A.T. Field.

2013 Trip to Japan

You know. Kind of like this:


Shannon, meanwhile, decided to sit in on a NERV staff meeting.

2013 Trip to Japan

I tried to get Asuka’s attention while she was checking out her Eva Unit. Sadly, wouldn’t come down to talk to me.

2013 Trip to Japan

Of COURSE she’d come down, though, to talk to Misato.



So I opted to hang out with Kaworu instead.

2013 Trip to Japan

Afterwards, we walked into a room that was both spectacular and CREEPY.  It was a 1/1 scale (read: “actual size” – if there were such a thing) model of the head of Eva Unit-02 after Mari hijacks it.  In the film, she removes Unit-02’s restraints (and removes all “humanity” from it) and launches an all-out attack.

You know, this feel good scene in the movie:


Well, the model is built based on the scene where she crashed it through a wall to discover Shinji being, well, Shinji.

2013 Trip to Japan

The model is AMAZING… and huge… and AMAZING.  To the right of the head a short film is projected on the wall (about every eight minutes) featuring the scene I described above.  We stayed and watched it and, of course, we didn’t understand a damn thing that was being said.  Luckily, I made Shannon watch both (new) Evangelion movies right before we left for Japan – so we both had recent memory of the scene.

Here’s an extra photo to give the model some scale:

2013 Trip to Japan

As cool as this was, though, it was only a teaser for the awesomeness we would find in the next large room…

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    […] After escaping the wrath of the berserker Eva Unit-02, Shannon and I found ourselves walking through the hallways of NERV Headquaters (in Evangelion World inside the Fuji-Q Highland theme park in Japan.)  It felt like we were wandering inside an actual anime.  VERY surreal. […]

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