Adventures in Japan 2013 Part 8: Fuji-Q Highland (#fujiq) Theme Park

What is Fuji-Q Highland aka Fujikyu Highland aka 富士急ハイランド?

Simply put: it’s a Six Flags style theme park at the base of Mount Fuji in Japan.  For purely anime geek reasons (which will soon be made clear) we decided to make a stop and visit the park before driving back to Tokyo.

2013 Trip to Japan

First off, those roller coasters are HUGE. Sadly, I didn’t get to ride any of them because we got there at the end of the day and Japanese theme park lines have INSANELY long wait times. (Just wait until we get to Tokyo Disney Resort – but I digress.)

So we parked the car and started heading into the park. One of the first things we saw near the entrance was this sign:

2013 Trip to Japan

I have no idea what it says since I don’t speak/read Japanese.  My best guess (and the phrase I kept saying to Shannon throughout the day as we walked around and saw the sign posted all over the park) is “please do not fight with bears.”  If you are reading this blog post AND can read Japanese, please feel free to translate it and leave a comment.  I’m sure other random readers from the Internet will thank you.

For me, I will continue to believe that it says “please do not fight with bears” because I WANT it to say that.

We made our way past the entrance gift shop and towards the park itself.  Outside near the entrance they had one of those wooden cutout photo ops for folks heading into the park.  Apparently, the mascots for Fuji-Q Highland are sentai warriors.  I made Shannon take this photo:

2013 Trip to Japan

Amy Jo Johnson ain’t got nothing on her, AM I RIGHT?

2013 Trip to Japan

After fumbling through the usual Japanese/English exchange of buying tickets, we walked into the park and straight to the main reason I wanted to go…

2013 Trip to Japan

That’s right: EVANGELION WORLD. More to come…

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