Adventures in Japan 2013 Part 6: The View from Mount Fuji

We had driven pretty far up Mount Fuji.  As expected, though, it had gotten EVEN COLDER – thus we kept popping into the little restaurant/convenient mart that was there to warm up.  Inside we bumped into another small group of caucasian tourists who, like us, stuck out like a sore thumb in the sea of Japanese residents.  The group was travelling together and two of them were from Germany while the other two were from Los Angeles.  We chatted for a brief moment and then Shannon returned outside to brave the frigid weather.

Our stepping back outside was good timing since the cloud cover broke again and (for a fleeting moment) we could see the peak of Mount Fuji once more.  It was REALLY close!

2013 Trip to Japan

None of the photos of me in front of the top came out (since the clouds were moving so quickly,) but here’s proof that I was there!

2013 Trip to Japan

The view of Japan from that elevation was nothing short of amazing.  From the “fourth step,” we could see the other mountains and cloud cover below us. Very much like the Grand Canyon, no photos can really do this vista justice.  You can get the general idea, though:

2013 Trip to Japan

A. Mazing.

If given the chance, though, this is something that MUST be experienced in person.

Finally, the cold was too much and Shannon decided to warm up in the car.  Note all the snow nearby pushed from the parking lot.  Some kids are having a great time climbing it.  Shannon is having a great time not being near it.

2013 Trip to Japan

It was early afternoon at this point and we still wanted to check out the Fuji-Q Highland theme park before it closed, so we got back on the road to begin the drive down the mountain.  As we pulled out, I drove to the locked gate that stopped anyone from driving any further up (due to hazardous weather.)

2013 Trip to Japan

If we ever find our way to Japan in the summer, we’ll definitely have to come back to get to the top.

Who knows? Maybe someday…

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