My visit to @FUNimation in Texas (or Travels with Tom the #Anime #Nerd)

The more I travel, the more I find myself blogging from airplanes.  This isn’t a bad thing; just the product of opportunity – being stuck sitting someplace looking for a way to kill time and doing so with Wi-fi on an airplane (if I’m on Virgin America; I flew Spirit Airlines the day before yesterday… ug.)

Tom. In Dallas. Cold.

My look of “joy” after my first time flying Spirit Airlines… WITHOUT INTERWEBZ!

ANYWAY – yesterday I found myself in Dallas, Texas where Marc (the CEO of the SPJA/Anime Expo) and I got a tour of FUNimation Studios.



As you might of guessed, the pure and distilled geekness… WHICH WAS AWESOME.  We were led around by Sarah “Sully” from Marketing (who was an amazing host) and saw recording studios, the folks who subtitle the anime, music composers, artists, so much more.  Their offices near Dallas are really quite remarkable – a fully functional Hollywood style operation in the middle of cows, country music, and BBQ.

Speaking of which, if you’re ever in the area this is the BBQ place to go.  It was super yummy, super atmospheric, and just an all around a damn good place for grub:

Right now I’m flying to San Francisco to meet with a few other anime companies to talk about Project Anime and other creative things we have in the works.  You can check out more photos from FUNimation and the other places I’ll be stopping by on the Wasabi Anime Instagram:

Or the Wasabi Anime Tumblr:

Stay tuned.

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