Review: Autobiography of Mark Twain Volume 1

Sweet Jeebus – this is one long book.

The biggest problem with this book has nothing to do with Mr. Clemens himself. It does, though, have EVERYTHING to do with the intellectuals behind it. Don’t get me wrong, I sincerely appreciate the work it must of have taken to get maintain the Mark Twain “universe” and the amount of time, research, and energy a number of people put into it. I just don’t appreciate the verbosity spent by the introduction of this fact/those accomplishments.

Seriously. The beginning of this book could have been cut to ten simply worded pages telling the same info… but I digress. Let’s talk about Mark Twain.

(Added note: as I started researching some details about the book while typing this review, I found that a special READER’S EDITION came out in March of 2012 that solves everything I just bitched about. Had I known then…)

Mark Twain opted to have his autobiography published one hundred years after his death which was November of 2010. All 760 pages of this thing. His writing holds up and so does his humor. The greatest enjoyment I got from his stories and anecdotes is how much things HAVEN’T changed over a century later – male egos, politics, and even inflation.

Twain loved human stories and small towns- and he hated political parties. He was a father to who truly loved and cherished his daughter (who died before him, tragically.) He was a complex person with a wit and intellect that still yields quotable quotes in the twentieth century. I enjoyed the parts of this book that were HIM, but instead of Volume 2 (when it comes out) I might just have to re-read Tom Sawyer.

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