Review: The Bloom County Library, Vol. 5: 1987-1989

The Bloom County Library, Vol. 5: 1987-1989
The Bloom County Library, Vol. 5: 1987-1989 by Berkeley Breathed

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In late elementary school and middle school I suffered from an overabundance of intelligence made worse by my insatiable addiction to reading. Unlike most of my peers in the geek industry, I wasn’t really into comic books. I read some Star Wars (because it was STAR WARS) and the occasional limited series (like Transformers, which after the limited series, was NOT a limited series.) I read books without pictures… with two notable exceptions:

Bloom County and Calvin & Hobbes.

Over the past few months I read all five volumes of “The Bloom County Library.” Doing so was amazing for two reasons:

1. NOSTALGIA. Before the Internet, pop culture existed in print. Bloom County reflected the world of celebrity, technology, commercialism, and politics similar to the snark of today’s websites and memes. It was intelligent, funny, and you can’t go wrong with seeing the world through the eyes of a hypersensitive penguin. My favorite? The adventures of hacker and online pirate Oliver wreaking havoc via a dial up model on a monochrome monitor.

Good times.

2. COMMENTARY. Berkeley Breathed took the time to add anecdotes on various comics in the library. Some of them have to do with eighties pop culture. Others have to do with his processes as a writer and artist and his dealings with the newspaper industry.

Watching old movies brings back memories. Reading something as insightful as Bloom County brings back more than just the memories; it immerses you in an era.

I am glad I own these because I *will* read them again.

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