Okay #BotCon & Beast Wars fans… here’s your chance.

UPDATE: Would you like to see fanboys arguing the stuff in this thread, including WHY BEAST WARS SUCKS, live and in person?  CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS!

So – the argument seems to have shifted from “Tom & Joey suck because they hate BotCon” to “Tom & Joey suck because they hate Beast Wars.”  For years, we’ve presented an effective argument as to why Beast Wars kills the franchise… and argument that we have never presented on the Internet since it’s key material in our act for DARE! The Transformers Panel Ultimate.

Well – I will present the argument here on my blog and open it up to scrutiny and analysis for all of the Beast Wars fans who been asking online.

For a price.

Myself and many of my team from Green Mustard Entertainment are fervent supporters of a wonderful charity called Give Kids the World. IF THE VISITING BOTCON/BEAST WARS/SHORTPACKED! FANS CAN MAKE A $250 DONATION TO GKTW, I WILL TYPE OUT THE “BEAST WARS SUCKS” ARGUMENT. Here’s what to do:

1. Go to the Give Kids the World website (http://www.gktw.org/).  Click on the tab that says Donate Now! on the far right.

2. Fill out the donation information… what ever amount you choose.

3. Under “Gift Information” select the following..

– I’d like to make this donation: In Celebration Of
Insert name or special event: Beast Wars
Please send acknowledgement of this gift to: me@TomCroom.com

Once I have received $250 worth of confirmation emails, I’ll write the post.

ADDED NOTE #1: I made a $5 donation this morning to start the ball rolling.

ADDED NOTE #2: It seems that the confirmation sent “on behalf of” takes a bit to go through… I’m still waiting on it.  If you would like to email your confirmation email to me@TomCroom.com instead (removing the pertinent details like last name, address, etc.) that would be fine, too.

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52 Responses

  1. Richard says:

    Of course now people will complain that they shouldn’t have to give money to charity.

    Why can’t people just agree that if you pay a lot of money for something and someone else doesn’t that they most likely get different points of view on the same thing and leave it at that?

  2. Glen says:

    This is a GREAT idea Tom! I’m in. Expect my donation shortly.

  3. Most impressive Tom… most impressive.

  4. Pete says:

    Richard, TF fans are very charitable. I am in for $10!

  5. Tom says:

    Kudos Glen & Pete – I’ll watch my email for the confirmations. :)

  6. Pete says:


  7. Tom says:

    @Pete: I got it. With my $5 and your $10 – we’re up to $15.

    Only $235 to go. :)

  8. Glen says:

    I donated $20 earlier this morning. Did you get a confirmation Tom?

  9. Pete says:

    Nice Glen!

  10. Tom says:

    @Glen: No I didn’t. You may want to forward the confirmation email that GKTW sends from DianaH@gktw.org (minus your personal info). That seems to be the quickest way to confirm.

  11. *chuckle* Well Tom, you called Dave’s bluff and now he wants you to play by his rules, not yours.

    Yeah, maybe I should buy Dave some Ed Hardy shirts. :-)

  12. Pete says:

    I would hope people donate to BOTH dueling views charities over the next week. Then on Tuesday, July 27th we can see both the “Pro” Beast Wars and the “Against” Beast Wars argument!




  13. Richard says:

    @Pete – Well that’s good.

    @Tom – If I could afford even a penny I would.

  14. Pete says:

    I would hope people donate to BOTH dueling views charities over the next week. Then on Tuesday, July 27th we can see both the “Pro” Beast Wars and the “Against” Beast Wars argument.

  15. Tom says:

    @Pete: I agree. It’d be nice to see both worthy charities benefit from our online “nerd rage.” I’m a man of my word… $250 and I’ll spill the goods.


  16. Semysane says:

    Like hell. We both know that you’ll claim you didn’t get the last confirmation emails on time. We could donate $2500 dollars to the charity and you’d not live up to your end of the bargain.

    BTW, way to hide behind sick children to make yourself look like a knight in shining armor. Kudos.

  17. Tom says:

    @Assmunch (aka Semysane):

    I take charities VERY seriously and have for some time. See this for reference: http://www.myfoxorlando.com/dpp/mornings/friday_salute/041610-friday-salute-Tom-Croom

    If I state I will do something for charity, then I SERIOUSLY mean it. Go troll somewhere else you pathetic fucking idiot.

  18. Semysane says:

    That’s the thing, you AREN’T doing this for charity, you’re doing it for your own ego. You actually think your views are revolutionary and transcendent enough that people will actually want to PAY to hear you talk about A CARTOON. You have serious delusions of grandeur. I’d consult a psychologist if I were you.

  19. Tom says:

    @Assmunch (aka Semysane):

    People asked my opinion… on my blog, nonetheless. I usually convey it in person and declined to share it online. Figuring a way to tie a charity into ANYTHING of this nature is, in the end, a WIN – period.

    Beast Wars sucks. Come to one of our panels, and I’ll explain and debate why. If you want me to type it out here for you to read – then make a donation to a worthy charity (that deserves all the support it can get.)

    If you TRULY don’t care about ANY of this – they why are you posting on my blog? Think about it. :)

  20. Semysane says:

    Which raises a question… why do YOU and your life partner keep posting on David Willis’ blog? By your own insane logic, this proves that HE is right. In fact, this whole feud started when you started commenting on his blog.

  21. Tom says:

    @Assmunch (aka Semysane):

    Um… yeah. No. He posted a web comic featuring myself and my hetero life mate Joey Snackpants.

    A web comic that he tagged with our respective names… leaving NO doubt that he was referring to us.

    So, uh, who started what?


  22. Semysane says:

    He merely stated the facts as they were: your panel sucks far too much to get into Botcon. You could have just taken it and laughed, but you decided to start trolling him and hiding behind sick children like a real hero.

  23. Mooney says:

    Is there a way I can donate to that charity *without* you knowing anything about it? ’cause I think it’s ridiculous for you to use ill children as a way of puffing up your own ego.

    Especially when your opinion is not worth it to begin with.

  24. Chip says:

    “So – the argument seems to have shifted from “Tom & Joey suck because they hate BotCon” to “Tom & Joey suck because they hate Beast Wars.””

    No, the argument has always been that Tom & Joey suck because after their panel got rejected by a convention, they wrote a negative “review” of that convention where they completely failed to mention that obvious conflict of interest. I’d thought maybe this was an isolated thing, but the comments other Floridians are leaving at Shortpacked make me think this is standard practice; pay us for our panel or we’ll pan you online.

    It’s not about a cartoon, it’s not really even about the content of your panel, and it’s certainly not about the terminally ill children that you class acts have thrown up as human shields. It’s about you being shady.

  25. Suspsy says:

    Croon, if your “argument” against Beast Wars really carried any weight, you’d be man enough to present in full, without any strings attached. You wouldn’t chicken out with some idiotic excuse about how it’d spoil your precious little panel. Unless, of course, you’re admitting that your panel is so utterly inept and lacking in content that to share any details about it would render it completely null and void.

    Instead, you choose to use a charity as a wagering point, which is one of the lowest tactics I’ve seen in my years online. Frankly, based on how you and your sidekick have behaved in the Botcon threads, and on what other people have divulged about your behaviour at other conventions, one might easily conclude that your primary goal is not so much the benefit of human beings as it is sucking up every scrap of attention and fame you possibly can. It’s by no means uncommon—lots of people contribute to charity solely to satisfy their own egos and get featured in the local news. Doesn’t make it any less sickening though.

    If you possess even the tiniest scraps of courage, decency, and integrity, you’ll present your “argument” right here, right now, regardless of the outcome. Until then, you’re just another pathetic excuse for a human being.

  26. 62 6c 6f 77 20 6d 65 says:

    @Semysane: As someone who was given a chance to be a “Wish Kid” and was directly affected by the kindness of the Make a Wish Foundation and Give Kids the World… FUCK YOU.

  27. Andrusi says:

    @hexadecimal name: What, for not involving a stupid Internet argument in whatever donations he may or may not make?

  28. Nyoway says:

    The hell? you guys are using a charity to soothe your throbbing e-penises?

    That’s disgusting. just disgusting. How the hell can you justify this? Is venting over a show you’ve never actually watched so fucking important that you had to bring this into the argument?

    God’s sake, I’m SO glad you aren’t a Botcon regular.

  29. Chris says:

    Really? It’s disgusting to raise money for a charity? The whole argument thing is pretty silly, especially with folks like Heather calling Tom and Joey out for suck at conventions they’ve never done the panel at.

    This whole thing seems to have devolved from a series of opinions and complaints about BotCon to ZOMG, let’s get the Internet Nerd Rage force together (a subsidiary of the EDC, by the way) and destroy the posters credibility by attacking them personally and talking about how lame they are, as opposed to the opinions that started this whole thing.

    Now, people want Tom to put further opinions online. I wouldn’t be interested, considering the Tennessee inbreed clique that the BotCon harem fangasm has become, but he’s willing to do so for a price.

    The price is to help less fortunate people. Man, what an asshole this Tom guy is. How dare he pollute pointless Internet raging with an opportunity to do good. Well, what’s wrong with that? Don’t buy a Michael Bay awesome-exploso-coloring book this week and give the $10 to a good cause. Regardless of how long this silly little TF turf war lasts, the charity is going to benefit. And in my book, there is nothing disgusting about that.

  30. Alan Ladd says:

    Thank you for commenting. We almost made it through the whole argument without the stereotypical douchebaggery that phrases like “ASSMUNCH” bring to the table. Epic. Now go back to your mom’s basement and kindly STFU.

  31. Alan Ladd says:

    And on that note, I’m going to echo what many others have said.

    If you want to donate to GKTW, simply follow steps 1 and 2 from Tom’s blog and completely ignore what follows.
    Help the kids, without giving in to Tom and Joey’s self-entitled bull. That way, the kids win and they’re what matters.

  32. Alan Ladd says:

    And if you have extra cash to spare:
    “Donate to Child’s Play or Hasbro’s Children’s Hospital. On Tuesday, when I return from Comic-Con, I will tell you why Beast Wars is awesome.

    Those two sentences are not related; this is not an “if, then” proposition.

    At the end of the day, there won’t be a tally. This won’t go on my resume. I will not personally benefit in any way. I will not use this as a stunt to belittle and shame other people. Kids will receive help, in whatever amount. And next week the stories that brighten our lives will get a short spotlight. That is all.

    I have to go get on a plane now. See you then.”

  33. Tom says:

    @Alan: Sorry… but I don’t take kindly to folks questioning the integrity myself or Mr. Snackpants when it comes to charitable causes. That’s something both of take seriously. Very seriously.

    The core of all this (lest we forget) is a bunch of fanboys arguing about toys and cartoons from their childhood on the Internet. THAT is less than serious, but entertaining nonetheless.

    People asked for my opinion about said toys and cartoons – I have explained that I reserve that conversation/material for the panels we provide as *entertainment* at a number of conventions.

    After further pressing – I offered to explain the thought process (of why Beast Wars sucks) IF something good could come from it beyond opening a whole new debate on the Internet… thus I chose a charity to push for. One, I might add, I feel very strongly for.

    So I called “Semysane” an assmunch; Boo-fucking-hoo. The guy came to my blog and questioned my integrity when it comes to finding a way to help TERMINALLY ILL CHILDREN. Seriously.

    I’m just a guy with a blog who likes to write. On my blog, I tend to share my *opinions*. It seems a majority of the BotCon attendees who have found my blog and keep posting here, though, are “those” fans that the rest of us make fun of… over-obsessive to the point of looking for a flame war or just being a troll.

    I wrote a review for a fandom convention (trade show) for a pop culture website.

    I posted my opinions on my blog… as I tend to do.

    I never went to Transformers fan forums bitch and moan. (AllSpark?)

    I never wrote a webcomic satirizing the BotCon and/or Beast Wars fandom. (Shortpacked?)

    I took a silly Internet argument and tried to make SOME good of it… and as a result, learned that 10% of the Transformers fans from BotCon (that I come across) who populate the Internet “get it” – and the other 90% really, really need to get a life.

    For the record: there are no basements in Florida.

  34. Alan Ladd says:

    Okay, Tom, you want to talk about integrity?
    You have none. You are an attention whore, pure and simple.

    Someone else linked to this post at the Allspark. This guy raised over 2000$ for children’s charities. Not to settle any internet arguments, but because he could. See what he has to say about you:

  35. Suspsy says:

    Croom, a “Professional Full-Time Convention Attendee” such as yourself has no business telling anybody to get a life. You’re a pig calling a frog ugly.

    And again, it’s painfully clear from your behaviour that your work with charities has less to do with helping others as it does with your pitiful craving for attention. You want to be able to point to yourself and boast that you made a bunch of random people fork out money just so they could hear your retarded thoughts on a TV show whose heyday was back when Clinton was still in the White House.

    About the only vice you HAVEN’T displayed yet is racism.

  36. Tom says:

    You’re link doesn’t work. Here you go:
    As far as integrity – man, you don’t even know me beyond the Interwebz LULZ, sir. Keep posting and enjoy yourself.

    Keep posting – and keep making an ass of yourself. If I am just “craving the attention” as you so claim, then why are you here posting and feeding it? Here: read this, too… http://www.tomcroom.com/?p=6630

    Thanks for visiting!

  37. Alan Ladd says:

    Tom, I may not have met you, in fact before your Botcon whinefest I’d never even heard of you.
    But the things I’ve heard about you since do not paint a pretty picture.
    “I think I played EVE with the Snackpants guy for a bit. If it’s the same guy…yeah. If anything, I
    suspect Willis is being too nice.”

    “At the first anime convention I went to about eight or so years ago, they had a Transformers panel. Still new to the whole anime thing, we saw Transformers and went to the panel. We left after about 10 minutes. The hosts spent the whole time bashing Beast Wars. I was thinking about that when I was reading today’s strip. Then I saw the panel description. Not sure about the other guy, but I do know that Snackpants was one of the guys running the panel eight years ago.”

    “I’ve dealt with Tom Croom for years. Basically, if a convention refuses his ‘help’ he will do everything in his ‘power’ to see that the con fails.
    He has bullied his way into most of the anime conventions in Florida in this way.
    I’m glad to see SOMEONE has stood up to him and his worthless panels.”

    “Honestly, I think Croom’s days as a major source of problems in the con scene are numbered.
    Firstly, most people in the Florida con “scene” have correctly sourced him as the provoker or outright only cause of most of the con drama in Florida, a fact he rarely denies. Not only that, but Jacon ending has deprived him of one of his largest pedestals from which to poop on people from.
    More importantly however is that people are starting to realize that most people at cans aren’t the ones that post about cons on 4chan. They don’t know or care about drama or Croom or Croom’s drama, they just want to have a good time. Con organizers are finally getting wise to that fact.
    All that said, Willis, you have just used your comic to feed a troll, Tom Croom is probably wetting himself with pleasure that you noticed him. Quite frankly, I feel that he needs to be ignored as much as humanly possible.”

    “True… Shouldn’t feed the TomTroll.
    I love the way he cuts down Botcon as just being a dealer’s room and one panel… but most of the cons he lists as experience (FIT, Anime Express, etc) were TINY cons. I’ve attended FIT… attendance was in the LOW 100′s. His ‘company’ created a couple of cons that failed pretty hard. Of course, they were mostly created for his wife and their friends. Should I even mention the ‘animusical’?
    Yeah, Tom is Florida’s #1 Drama Whore.
    Unfortunately he’s branching out now to ruin AWA after ruining Jacon and AFO.”

    “I don’t care about TF but I am sick and tired of his bullshit at our conventions. I can’t imagine his panel of Transformers having any value after going to some of the events he has forced on the conventions he does them at. He once interrupted a dance his group hosted to spend 30 minutes talking about how great his group is only to convince people to never go back to that convention ever again(which they never did). Tom is poison, from his events to his attitude.
    I don’t even think he really cares about anime even though he runs an “anime” group and does “anime” events at conventions. It’s more like he rips off TV shows that his wife likes that she’ll never be on and puts them at conventions for her and her friends to star in just so he can give her a reason to have sex with him.”

    “This comic isn’t at all funny, and I couldn’t figure out why till just now…
    There’s no joke here, this is how they are. You put it up to show people who don’t have to live with it because it’s so absurd.
    To the outsider this is hilarious, to me it’s Florida convention season.”

    And those comments come from people who dealt with you directly, too.
    Once again, Galengraff tells it like it is:

    PS: Spellcheck helps, Tom! Especially if you want your blog to look professional!

  38. Suspsy says:

    I felt prompted to speak out against the reprehensible action of using a charity as a pawn in your ongoing hissy fit against Transformers. It really is one of the lowest acts I’ve witnessed in any online fandom. Also, given your lack of integrity and honesty, I have no doubt that, in the unlikely event that people actually contribute $250, you’ll come up with some other ridiculous excuse not to present your “argument.”

    And really, if you’re not a shameless attention whore, then why are you continuing this whole fiasco? Why not just tell everyone to fuck off and play with their BW toys? Don’t you and your sidekick have more Florida anime conventions to desecrate?

    Again, pigs aren’t allowed to label anyone ugly.

  39. @all the haters: Ongoing hissy fit?!? You guys keep… COMING… HERE!!! We didn’t go anywhere else to call people names. For some reason whenever we think this is done and Tom can eat some burrito the size of a baby, somebody posts some forum post, journal entry or web comic about us. Then traffic here spikes… We aren’t keeping this alive, you guys and girls are!

    @62 6c 6f 77 20 6d 65: I meant to say this 2 weeks ago. AWESOME NAME! Kudos. :)

  40. Alan Ladd says:

    You don’t go anywhere else, Joey, because you’re scared of anywhere else. You said it yourselves, you will not go to Allspark or anywhere else to discuss this, because you’re afraid of “censorship” (ie: you’re chickenshits).

  41. Semysane says:

    @Joey Snackcakes
    You don’t go anywhere else? I suppose that it isn’t you and Croom commenting on Willis’ blog, then?

  42. Nyoway says:

    We continue to rip you fuckers new ones because it’s hella fun, and SOMEBODY needs to cut you down to size.

  43. Dave says:

    HOLY SHIT! Semysane actually finally had a valid fucking point!

    OMG! Everything Croom must be wrongs… The angels sing from high above. All will be right with the universe. Obsessive TF fans can now go jerk off in their Optimus Prime footies knowing they have put him in his place.

    *sardonic beams disengage*

    It’s a god damn cartoon designed to sell shoddy pieces of plastic to spastic children and adults desperately trying to relive the last vestiges of childhood.

    Who gives a shit if either of them hated the fucking series. It matters not one whit if they hated it and you wanks loved it.

    Last I checked, no one is going to be able to prove shit for or against any of the series. There are no “suck particles” to measure. All you have left is one opinion against another.

    Why the fuck spend untold hours debating, scheming, and planning responses to someone’s opinion.

    The only positive results coming from the whole childish, obsessive, desperate debacle are what little money is going to be donated on behalf of either side, to children who have a more pressing desire to live a childhood than some of you should.

    Grow up, be a decent human being, donate if you want.

    Shut your pie-hole. Let it go.

    “The only way to win, is not to play…”

  44. Alan Ladd says:

    Dave, you sure got worked up over people being worked up over a children’s cartoon and toyline.
    Can the holier-than-thou attitude, will you?

  45. Semysane says:

    You consider this global thermonuclear war? Now who’s taking it too seriously.

    Seriously though, you’re awesome, Dave. I love you.

  46. Richard says:

    If Tom and Joey are trolls then many of you are pure bottom feeders.

  47. Semysane says:

    And what does that make you? The parasite on the bottom feeder?

  48. Tom says:

    Girls – you’re all pretty.

    The fact that you are all still trying to play the “even if the money is raised you wouldn’t tell” bullshit amazes me. Chew on this:

    1. Does it MATTER? A donation to a charity (especially one regarding ill children) is NEVER a bad thing – regardless of the circumstance.

    2. I said I’d post if we hit the number, and I will. Don’t believe me? Make a donation. Email me the proof. Call me and I’ll tell you (as promised in a later post.)

    3. I can only remind you folks about a dozen more times: you’re coming and bitching on my blog. I don’t see me on the AllSpark forums or whatever strange corners of the Internet you’re coming from.

    4. Yes – I posted on the Shortpacked! thread involving artwork of my likeness so that the artist (who did a fine job; I can laugh at myself when need be) would know I saw it. After a couple of replies – I said my piece and haven’t read/posted since.

    5. Alan, if you’re in a mob of angry people – you’re going to get similar angry people joining the chorus. You quoted six posts; let’s guess it’s a dozen people, then. Are there at least 12 people who don’t like you? Since I am a semi-public person (blogging, conventions, social networking, etc.) it’s safe to say I’m not going to please everyone in life. The “Facebook movie” catch line says it best:

    “You don’t get to 500 million friends without making a few enemies”

  49. Semysane says:

    You just posted to let him know you read Shortpacked!, did you? Then why did you start out by saying:
    “Explain why Beast Wars sucks online? That’s one of the key elements of the panel! We can never put it to print. ”

    Sounds a lot more like you were just trying to whore out your panel.

  50. Tom says:

    For some strange reason, this blog post has gotten a LOT of traffic over the past two months (according to Google.)

    I should go on record for stating that NO – the complaining BW fans never donated the full $250… but THANK YOU to everyone who did spend some cash on GKTW. It’s an awesome charity and I appreciate you doing so.

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