Okay #BotCon & Beast Wars fans… here’s your chance.

UPDATE: Would you like to see fanboys arguing the stuff in this thread, including WHY BEAST WARS SUCKS, live and in person?  CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS!

So – the argument seems to have shifted from “Tom & Joey suck because they hate BotCon” to “Tom & Joey suck because they hate Beast Wars.”  For years, we’ve presented an effective argument as to why Beast Wars kills the franchise… and argument that we have never presented on the Internet since it’s key material in our act for DARE! The Transformers Panel Ultimate.

Well – I will present the argument here on my blog and open it up to scrutiny and analysis for all of the Beast Wars fans who been asking online.

For a price.

Myself and many of my team from Green Mustard Entertainment are fervent supporters of a wonderful charity called Give Kids the World. IF THE VISITING BOTCON/BEAST WARS/SHORTPACKED! FANS CAN MAKE A $250 DONATION TO GKTW, I WILL TYPE OUT THE “BEAST WARS SUCKS” ARGUMENT. Here’s what to do:

1. Go to the Give Kids the World website (http://www.gktw.org/).  Click on the tab that says Donate Now! on the far right.

2. Fill out the donation information… what ever amount you choose.

3. Under “Gift Information” select the following..

– I’d like to make this donation: In Celebration Of
Insert name or special event: Beast Wars
Please send acknowledgement of this gift to: me@TomCroom.com

Once I have received $250 worth of confirmation emails, I’ll write the post.

ADDED NOTE #1: I made a $5 donation this morning to start the ball rolling.

ADDED NOTE #2: It seems that the confirmation sent “on behalf of” takes a bit to go through… I’m still waiting on it.  If you would like to email your confirmation email to me@TomCroom.com instead (removing the pertinent details like last name, address, etc.) that would be fine, too.

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52 Responses

  1. Semysane says:

    You just posted to let him know you read Shortpacked!, did you? Then why did you start out by saying:
    “Explain why Beast Wars sucks online? That’s one of the key elements of the panel! We can never put it to print. ”

    Sounds a lot more like you were just trying to whore out your panel.

  2. Tom says:

    For some strange reason, this blog post has gotten a LOT of traffic over the past two months (according to Google.)

    I should go on record for stating that NO – the complaining BW fans never donated the full $250… but THANK YOU to everyone who did spend some cash on GKTW. It’s an awesome charity and I appreciate you doing so.

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