My Work / Life Balance Hasn’t Been Balanced.

I got sunburned AND windburned yesterday.  While typing this, my face is a distinct shade of pink and there’s the slight tingling sensation of pain.

It’s all good, though, because I took the time to go outside.

For the past few weeks, I’ve known that my work / life balance has gone to complete shit.  The reason behind it isn’t horrible – but it’s still an issue.  You see, I enjoy my job.  Sure, I bitch about the stress, the workload, more stress, the paperwork, and the myriad of personalities that you get to engage in my line of work… but it still contains the element of creativity behind it which keeps it “fun”.  Problem is: there is SO MUCH work right now, that I keep forgetting to tell myself to stop.

To go outside.

To go to the gym.

To clean the apartment.

To work on my car.  (Something of a zen thing for me.)

To blog.  (I’m behind eight entries from my New Year’s goal.  So many stories to tell!)

Yesterday was a stark reminder of the importance of doing not-work from time to time.  Shannon and I hopped on my scooter (that I bought, literally, for beach cruising) and took on the day with no plan in place.  The result was fresh seafood for lunch, wandering around antique stores, hiking in a nature preserve, breathing the fresh air along A1A.

I even scored an old book I was looking for. First edition!

So it’s Monday, and I promised myself last night that I’d put forth the effort to try and regain that balance I used to enjoy and maybe (MAYBE) lose a few pounds again along the way.

Happy Monday, humans.

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