#AstridTheDog’s First Day at a Dog Park

(The events of this blog post took place March 20, 2017.)

On a Monday a few weeks back, I took Astrid to a vet appointment to get an “all clear” on the puppy cold she had been battling, and finally get her last round of shots.  All went well, so I immediately took her to the local pet store to shop for a new toy (now that she could be around other dogs) and then home.

The second Shannon got home, I told her to change her clothes so we could take Astrid to the local dog part.  (We have a really nice one on the inlet here; check it out: verobeachdogpark.org)

Shannon immediately panicked, worried about her four month old furbaby interacting with other dogs.  After endless assurances that I would protect her poor, precious snowflake of a shih tzu, she acquiesced and we hit the road.

And the adventure began.

Astrid IMMEDIATELY took to the park, and started interacting with all the other small dogs.  (NOTE: the park is split into a fenced in area for smaller dogs and another fenced in area for large dogs.)  The other dogs took to her pretty well, many sensing that she was a puppy.  Here’s my favorite photo of the day:

The dog on the left in that photo?  That’s now one of Astrid’s BFFs: a four month old puppy named Teddy.  The wound up hanging out and playing a lot that day.

Astrid’s other distraction, however, was in the form of EVERY human in the park realizing that she was a four month old (baby!) fluffball.  Everyone said hi to her, and the nice older ladies there all picked her up for a snuggle.

Our puppy knows how to play a crowd.

Since then, we’ve been back to the dog park a few times and – based on how much she enjoys it – we’ll be going a whole lot more.


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