Four Weeks Later: #AstridTheDog Keeps Growing

When we got Astrid a few weeks back, she weighed in at 3.2 pounds.  Her most recent vet visit put her at 4.4 pounds.  Today, in the most unscientific measurement event – I put her on our scale at home.  Her size?

5.6 pounds.

Based on the photos I post, It’s safe to assume that most of it is fur.

With fur:

After a shower:

Here, in no particular order, are the things we know about her so far.

She loves blueberries.  She also enjoys apples and peanut butter.

She is not a fan of carrots.

She discovered her own voice this past week, and likes to bark/talk when she’s in the mood.  For some odd reason, she enjoys barking into the couch pillows and listening to her own voice.

She likes to watch TV.

Noise doesn’t bother her, and she sleeps though music playing with no issue.

Her favorite toy is a loud (LOUD) purple squeaking dragon – pictured.  Her second favorite toy?  Her basket that holds her toys.

She is almost housebroken – and knows to let us know when she has to go outside.  She also knows the word “outside”.  ADDED NOTE: She knows that when she goes to the bathroom inside, it’s wrong.  She went on the rug in the bedroom a few days back, and we busted her rolling the rug over to try and cover it.

She still loves sleeping on our shoes.

She enjoys going for walks attached to me in a chest harness.  (Photo below.)

She sleeps through the night, but will occasionally wake up at 6:00 AM to have to pee.  When this happens, she barks to wake us up.  Where this has gotten easer to handle is in the fact that she’s willing to go right back to sleep afterwards… getting us that extra hour of sleep.

She can jump off the couch without issue, but has only done it once so far.  All subsequent attempts are met with barking and hesitation.  (She’s still too small to get up on the couch on her own.)

She can sort of play fetch… sort of.

She is now fourteen weeks old.

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