Two Weeks Later: #AstridTheDog aka “Princess Floofball”

She’s passed out right now in a small dog bed to the right of my desk. She wouldn’t lay down in it, however, until I put my grey Mickey Mouse sweatshirt in it so it smelled like me.  Astrid (our eleven week old Shih Tzu) weighs a massive four pounds at this point, and she’s learned that being able to be near me/my scent (or Shannon/hers) means “safe”.

As hard as it is having a puppy in the apartment (almost six months after the loss the Karma the Dog,) the benefits far outweigh the inconveniences.  I’m constantly stressed with my new overwhelming success.  Yay(?) success!  The balance of that stress is always handled by making sure life isn’t just work – and a forced distraction in the form of a three month old floofball is the best therapy and old man like me could ask for.

(Though I need to start running again during one of her daily naps.)

So here, for the Internet’s amusement, is an update in the life of Astrid Princess Floofball Croom.  (That’s her legal name on her AKC paperwork.  Not kidding.)


American Apparel is (apparently) going out of business.  One thing I loved about the store before it’s inevitable demise, though, was their dog clothing line.  They make THE best dog hoodies.  In anticipation of the store shuttering its operation, I bought her six different ones: black, blue, green, grey, red, and pink.  Here’s her in the grey one:

Someone pointed out that her green one is the correct shade for all the Attack on Titan hoodies, so I’ll very likely buy her a patch so she has a cosplay.  Stay tuned.


Karma LOVED carrots.  Proof, however, that all dogs have their own tastes, Astrid does not like them.  She does love the following, though:

  • Apples
  • Blueberries
  • Peanut Butter

These treats are few and far between for her right now (she’s tiny!) – but she’s scored at least one blueberry a day since Friday.


Yesterday we took Astrid to see the ocean for the first time.  She seems to love the outdoors, but we have to limit her walking adventures until she has all of her shots.  For now, I bought Shannon a small puppy carrier for walks around town.


According to the vet, Astrid will grow to be 8-10 pounds total.  This means that she will make a great carry companion for a variety of things – like when I ride my bike.  I’m already getting her ready for that day with a snazzy front facing (can be reversed) pet backpack.  She’s been around in it twice, and seemed to enjoy both times.

So that’s all for now.  Astrid is still finding her personality each day – and we’re enjoying watching that happen.  My favorite thing?  She recognizes us.  When I come home, she runs to me wagging her tail and drowns me in puppy kisses looking for attention.  She already knows we’re family.

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