In Other News: Today Marks 100 Days of Running (in a row!)

day01On July 6th, I posted the photo to my left with the caption “Shannon let me follow her this morning. #Running #NikePlus #VeroBeach”.  The next day, I talked myself into doing it again and posted another photo with the comment “Day two of “getting back out there.” #Running #Nikeplus”.

I had, with that second post, inadvertently started keeping count.  So?  I decided to stick with it.

After a couple of weeks, it became imperative to get out and “get my two miles” regardless of where I was: home, Indianapolis, Atlanta, Orlando, etc.  Some runs were early in the morning while others were pushed in just before midnight.

They all happened, though, causing me to add over 200 miles to my Nike Plus count.  (Current count: 609.4 miles.)

About a month ago I was talking to my friend Ken about why I was posting it everyday.  The reason?   Accountability.  If everyone knew I was doing it, then EVERYONE KNEW I WAS DOING IT.  Sometimes you need to know the world is watching to keep your motivation going.  Failing in the real world is one thing, but failing on the Internet?


So in the whirlwind of work stress and hurricane fallout, it’s always good to find some positive to keep the world spinning.

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