The lengths we go through for a bad joke.

I was in Orlando this past weekend celebrating a belated birthday for my sister-in-law.  Her requested itinerary of choice?  To hit up as many free things as we could around International Drive.  She had free mini-golf passes, free bowling passes, and she wanted grab lunch at Red Robin (there’s a new on in Orlando) because – you guessed it – she got a free meal for her birthday.

While sitting there eating, I got a message from a friend in California who stumbled across a cute comic online.  The punchline of said comic?  “Tom doesn’t give a shit.”

I looked at it, giggled, and showed folks at the table.  While walking out after eating, I saw that Red Robin had a batch of balloons at the front entrance.  Careful to hide myself from the prying eyes of children, I took a quick photo and sent it to Pam (my friend in California) because – well – because I don’t give a shit.

She promptly edited the photos together and here, Internet, is the result.



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