About Me

Here’s that part of the website where you try to explain to folks why you (the author) are justified in having a website about yourself.  Regardless of what anyone may tell you, there really is no justification.

It’s all about ego.

So here goes:  I am a product of the eighties computer revolution.  I got my first home computer in 1984 and it introduced me to the concept of communication with a keyboard.  After various adventures with dial up modems, online bulletin boards, and the “world wide web,” I started blogging.  My first foray into it was via Livejournal back in 2003.  At that time, I was using it as a social tool for an anime club I started called Wasabi Anime.  My outspoken attitude towards fan conventions and geek culture gained me quite a reputation on the Internet, and I’ve been blogging about it ever since.

That was over a decade ago.  I’m no longer on LiveJournal and that little anime club has become Green Mustard Entertainment, Inc.  I travel to a number of fan conventions annually – sometimes as an attendee and many times to run events with Wasabi Anime®.   I still find fun in writing my thoughts here from time to time to convey my opinions about life, pop culture, and my travels around the world.

Everyone has an opinion.  I just like to have fun with mine.

If you do some searching online, you can also find me on (practically) every social media out there.  That’s right: I’m an Internet junkie.


So thanks for stopping by and checking out my little corner of the web!  If you need to get in touch with me, shoot me an email: me@tomcroom.com.