1. Jeff Hollis
    February 15, 2016 @ 2:45 PM

    Funny story about Penn and Teller…

    When Lee Andra was a kid, her parents took her to see Penn and Teller when they were on a trip (the show was moreso for them). Nonetheless, Lee’s mom was pregnant with her sister. That show, Lee’s mom was picket (without raising her hand) to participate in antics on stage. They commented on the unborn child remembering that moment for the rest of her life, and coming to another show one day.

    Fast forward 20 years, Lee’s sister went with her boyfriend to Penn and Teller in NYC, and she was brought on stage, without raising her hand, to assist with a demonstration. She didn’t tell them (shyness), but this was, in fact, her second time on stage with them. While she didn’t remember it personally, she was told the story countless times at family functions.

  2. Tom
    February 15, 2016 @ 5:05 PM

    Creepy…. and awesome… and creepy. LOL

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