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  1. Western Watchins? Challenge Accepted!
    December 4, 2014 @ 5:45 AM

    […] I just got called out in a manner of speaking to stand up and throw down only the very best Western of all time for an old pal to purchase with some of his gifted birthday bullion. That this challenge comes to me a few days after an extreme physical exertion has left my body slowly recovery and my mind a foggy haze is fortuitous and for that fortune I am thankful. I take pride in my reviews, for my half dozen regular readers sure, but mostly for myself. I take my love of the West seriously and whether a movie is spectacular or nightmarish I’ll tell you just like it is. I always shoot from the hip and from the heart. Biologically impossible but spiritually necessary. I craft each one with as much entertaining perfection as the Creator and my creativity allows for that week. Tonight I am deaf and empty, my tank bone dry. So even with a title ready to review, this challenge has given me a chance to rise to an occasion while still resting on my laurels and terribly tired ass. […]

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