1. Joey Snackpants
    May 18, 2013 @ 12:27 AM

    You forgot one that made me realize we were going to dumbshit land… its FUCKIN *Qo’noS* you dumbass HACK Abrams not Kronos! Or did the same Time Travel and Red Matter that changed Asians to Brits change how the Klingons spell?!?!

  2. Juan Sanmiguel (@RainbowWar71)
    May 18, 2013 @ 7:41 AM

    Some explanations or responses.

    1)I was thinking about this myself. My theory is that Abrams and the writing team love Space Battleship Yamato too.

    2)Khan is supposedly a Sikh. I say supposedly because Sikhs do not shave their beards. An expanded universe novel explains this. So it is really Indian to British Caucasians.

    4 & 5) It is not clear where Kirk and Marcus met. In some expanded universe material it implies it was when Kirk was at the Academy. She may have been in Starfleet. Nothing in Wrath of Khan negates this. In fact she defended Starfleet when arguing with her son. Maybe in this timeline Kirk can get his relationship house in order and have a relationship not possible in the other timeline. Meyer wrote a scene when we first see Kirk in Undiscovered Country he is with Carol. In the novel adaptation of the same film Carol was killed in a Klingon raid just before Kirk and her we going to retire together.

    6) In the IDW comics these are explained. David Gerrold, writer of the original episode, approved of the 2 part tribble comic. The comics have part of the writing team as advisers.

    7)I notice the Klingon moon was blown up already. This may cause a lot of interference with sensors. Visual observation is possible but there is a lot of space to cover.

    8) The Vengeance (marcus ship according to wiki) may have stealth technology which would have made it hard to get a phaser or torpedo lock and no ships big enough to tractor beam it.

    9) Kirk called Scotty. So his call could have been relayed via the Starfleet communication system. Now in the classic series if the ship was far away real time communication was not possible. Kirk should have sent Scotty a text, but then again maybe subspace communication is better in this timeline.

    If I qualify for a No-Prize (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/No-Prize). Please send it to OASIS 26.

    Sincerely have a good weekend.

  3. Jim
    May 23, 2013 @ 2:03 AM

    I see all your points but for me the only two that bother me are the underwater Enterprise, and inexcusable white-washing of Khan.

    It sits so heavy with me that it ruins the rest if what, for me, was a really fun film.

    Oh…..yes! YES!!! Carol Marcus definately should have had a topless scene Tom. Come on JJ…take trek where it’s never gone before!!!! 🙂

    Hot space-oil wrestling between Carol and Uhura.

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