1. Pete
    July 13, 2010 @ 10:36 AM

    Tom, I have found that this post BotCon 2010 “drama” is pretty much contained to this blog and a few posters. I have posted what I needed to. My only addition is to clarify what Suspsy said, and that would be that the ONLY panel that repeated from Sat to Sun was the Paul and Scott panel.

    I have to say though, much of what I have posted has not been from my professional standpoint, more from someone who works hard at what he does and finds it crazy that someone would, in my opinion, offer up such a half hearted and incomplete review of a show.

    Lastly, to question the way I handle a conversation and then to go on to tell someone in your same blog posting to STFU, well, do not even begin to talk to me about professionalism. When you stop using “stereotypical” words like “Fail” (you even use that as a tag), and actually put forward a real effort, then maybe the feedback you provide will be taken more seriously.

    Thanks everyone for the debate but I think this “battle” is over…

  2. Tom
    July 13, 2010 @ 11:07 AM


    My point has been made (and reiterated) effectively through the replies and, in some cases, the lack of replies (i.e. dodging around) the issues that have been brought to light.

    In short: BotCon 2010 could have been a much better event and BotCon as a whole seems to cater to its top tier ticket buyers with a lack of focus for the General Admission crowd.

    Regarding my comments, this is my blog. Scroll down to the right and you’ll see my disclaimer regarding this being a place for my opinions.

    Next – take note that I said NOTHING regarding BotCon while there was a chance I would be working the event (in the form of a panel.) As an official representative of an event, I know to say things and (when I do) in what capacity I am doing so. You can state that you’re just posting as “someone” – but it doesn’t release you from the fact that you are speaking as a representative of a company. Keep that in mind.

    I addressed my use of colorful language in commentary in my reply to Estaban – I reply to people based on how they present themselves… oh yeah, and this is my personal blog. Did I mention that already?

    Lastly, my usage of the phrase “FAIL” in the article for You Bent My Wookie is based on knowing how to write to an audience. YBMW is a pop culture blog which means it is (typically) populated with Internet savvy fanboys and fangirls – so the writing is peppered with appropriate vernacular for that crowd.

    Knowing to cater to a specific audience, though, is something you and your fellow BotCon staff just can’t seem to grasp correctly though (based on BotCon 2010) – so I can understand you missing the appropriateness of my word usage.

    Epilogue: The “battle” was over a while ago when I made my initial review. I didn’t go searching out the Transformers fan forums to pick a fight… YOU all came to MY blog. Keep that in mind.

    Best of luck with BotCon 2012.

  3. Rob
    July 13, 2010 @ 11:35 AM

    Well, if I did come off condescending in anyway, I apologize up front and will tell you I did not intend it that way. Yes, I did pay full price, however haven’t always. In fact I have several friends who only pay general admission and come every year. I paid full price because I wanted the exclusive toy set. Paying full price was the only way I could be sure guarantee getting them, as they usually sell out.

    You seem to be stuck on marking people who pay full price and have a love for the con as elitists. Well, that’s your prerogative, however it isn’t true. Just like in any other fandom, the more hardcore fans are going to seem distanced from the more casual at times. Know what, it isn’t really a matter of casual either. It’s a matter of social structure and friends, there are a lot of different fan groups already in the Transformers fandom, and they don’t always get along either.

    It may seem childish, and maybe it is, but that’s just like basically any other fandom or hell… any other situation in day to day life. I mean, some workplaces even have that.

    This fandom is very passionate about its things and Botcon is very important to it. This con grew up with the fandom and is our big event. There are smaller conventions and some that may be even more your speed. However, BotCon adapts to it’s audience each year.

    That is why you don’t see the video room anymore. It was a highlight in the past, but as the series became readily available on DVD and other means (just check out youtube). The art contest has went from it’s own room, to being in the exhibition hall. I’ve yet to really see any complaints about that. Same with events, a lot happen in the exhibition hall. You complained about lack of fan panels, yet most fan groups organize their own events. Be it a room party, parts parties (which are usually all though the weekend), watching episodes in somebodies room,or hell, there used to be organized larps.

    The larps died down on their own, for whatever reason, but still the average Botcon goer knows where to look for fan group events. It’s one of those cons where you make it your own. Thats how this fandom has always been.

    You are right, this is your blog and you are more than in your right to speak your mind about your own feelings. However, when you leave the ability to leave comments open, your going to get others. I’m not going to try and change your mind, and if I am coming off that way, I apologize. I’m basically defending something that I, and others as you have seen, care about.

    You’ve made your mind up, and so have we.

  4. Pete
    July 13, 2010 @ 11:38 AM

    I am not claiming to be released from anything. I do not believe I have made any personal attacks or told anyone their opinion does not matter. ALL I have said, and still maintain, is that if one claims to be acting as Press, they should be held to a standard by presenting the facts as they are, not as they perceive them, and to do a thorough review of the events they are reporting on if they are going to provide an opinion on said event/panel/seminar.

    As far as “Fail”, I am VERY aware of its usage in the fandom, and I know plenty within the fandom that find a much better way to express themselves than by using phrases that just promote old, tired stereotypes that we are all geeks living in their parents basement.

    It’s 2010, I would hope for many pop culture has moved on past that…

    But yes, this is your blog, and I am happy to leave you to it. Despite my opinion of your actual review, I did gleam a couple tidbits from your posters and made note of that. A good convention never stomps its feet and puts its hands to ears, no matter where the comments come from…

    Take care!

  5. TTT
    July 13, 2010 @ 1:45 PM

    Again and again you fall back on calling people “elitists.”

    Who do you think you’re kidding?

    Let me ask you something: as a self-declared Transformers fan, what is the difference between you and a non-fan? Why are you a fan and they not?

    Whatever that difference is makes you an elitist. You are a grown man who invested a good amount of time and money to get Eeyore’s autograph and you’re complaining about other people you saw next to you, who came to the same place for the same reason. I’m afraid that won’t mark you as a “man of the people” in the ESPN bar however you try to spin it.

    Most people don’t like Transformers. Most people would never self-identify as such and would never pay a DIME to go to a convention about them. Or to any other sci-fi convention, let alone as many as you pride yourself on having gone to.

    You spent more money than I did, on toys for your collection, and Joey likewise boasts of his high-spending potential. The two of you devote a major chunk of your real-time lives to going to one convention after another after another after another. MOST ADULTS CANNOT AFFORD TO DO THAT. Either in terms of money, days off, or unoccupied weekends. Time is just as much a measure of elitism as money is. I haven’t been able to do the six-shows-a-year thing since I was fresh out of college and had no work or family responsibilities. Now, like most people, I have a 9-to-5 job in a brick-and-mortar building and it has nothing to do with anime or bimonthly conventions. Like most people, I manage to schedule time away from my job in the form of vacations. Botcon is, for me and many other max-paying preregistrants, a vacation.

    Are people who take vacations “elitists”? Shall they be defined as such by the people whose lives–from the outside looking in, anyway–look like vacations?

    Time is just as subject to elitism as money is. If you grasp nothing else from any of the messages I’ve written here, I hope you will at least grasp that, and temper any mass group judgments you might make in the future with a bit more awareness of the incredible privileges of your own station in life.

  6. Suspsy
    July 13, 2010 @ 10:19 PM

    Very impressive, Tom, responding to only one small part of my post. I can only conclude that the rest of my facts were simply too much even for your impressive lying and dodging skills.

    Pete correctly clarified that the Eiding/McNeil panel was the only real repeat—and both times it was packed. I’ll also clarify that there were three Hasbro panels—one for TF Prime, one that showed some new product, and another one on Sunday that showed even more new product. Pity you missed it, given that it was pretty much all new toys based on G1 characters from 1984-85.

    I know I’m wasting my time with you, given that you clearly aren’t capable of listening or learning, but I do hope that other people read this and grasp the simple, unavoidable truth.

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