1. Manny Camacho
    June 15, 2009 @ 1:56 AM

    Haha! Thank you sir. lol

    I got multiple text messages in regards to some posts on 4chan. When I made a comment about losing brain cells recently on your blog I was referring to 4chan.

    I hate going there and reading randoms (gamer talk sorry) posting senseless garbage, so I literally have not looked at that site in years. I let my boys lurk the site, apparently you, me and Mike Broder were lumped together in one shot, which was mostly ignored by the other 4 dozen posts.

    I can't see the page anymore as it gives a 404 error now, figures.

    Stated something to the effect …regardless of how Tom Croom, Mike Broder and Manny Camacho want it to fail…blah blah blah…

    So much for staying out of the politics, I don't even think I have spoken about Roy since January when I met his Guest Liaison head working for us at IDEX with Natalie and Diane. She asked me for some help with a couple guests she couldn't get, which I gave her happily.

    Your video clip puts it best when it comes to these 4chan folks…definitely must be true I want him to fail, someone said it on the interwebz! I thought I wanted business from these conventions…nevermind 4chan knows best.


  2. Manny Camacho
    June 24, 2009 @ 12:21 AM

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