1. berserkershinji
    March 30, 2003 @ 7:50 PM

    Nooooooooooooooo not that game -_-
    It wasn’t very good. It boring!!!!!!!!!
    But the second game is great! So I guess you have to get the first game so you can use your save file for the second. And shame on you for not beating Vice City and Kingdom Hearts!

  2. rcdancer8402
    March 31, 2003 @ 8:49 AM

    Go Tom u can put pics on here… shannon had to show me

  3. cobheran
    April 10, 2003 @ 8:49 AM


    You should have finished the series before playing the game, it explains things! It’s like going from Star Trek 2 to Star Trek 4 without seeing 3!!! finish the series dude!!!! (and the second OVA wasn’t that great, so the game must be)

  4. Empirical
    May 13, 2010 @ 6:55 PM

    I always loved .Hack, I remember watching it on Toonami then switching back to play the game once it’s over.

    While stylized, //sign was a great series, they did a great job in fleshing out each character and having the storyline revolve around them.

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